Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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Welcome to the Gateway to the world of change and transformation, art, creativity and innovation in
people, organisations and societies.

CATS3000 is an organisation, a creative business, an initiative.

Change and Transformation Strategies in the worlds of art and industry is the focus of this virtual place.

an Organisation, CATS3000 partners with individuals and organisations all over the world who are interested in confronting mediocrity and contempt in individuals, groups, organisations and societies.

a business, CATS3000 is also Rational Madness, a theatre company, and a training/development organisation which helps individuals, groups and societies to be more creative and innovative.

an initiative, CATS3000 brings together people and organisations to be creative about change and transformation.

Here, in this virtual place, are the resources you may need to engender authentic change.

“It is so very important that you find your own way. Follow no one else's path but your own. If you choose an already trodden path, for each and every step you take along it, make it your own. Put consciousness into your toes, awareness into the soles of your feet, when you tread the new path.”

Ian Postre

“For many people, organisational life, as it is today, is a pale reflection of what it could be. Moroseness, miserableness, dourness, can settle upon groups and departments, where humour is mostly lame and based on poking fun at each other, at customers and, of course, at the management structure that has spawned such a disappointingly average atmosphere.”

Ian Postre


Collusion of Mediocrity

The new paradigm of change management from CATS3000

Contempt Theory

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A new show premiering in 2005

Rational Madness

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Re-Inventing the Cheese

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CATS3000 - I chose the name CATS as an acronym for Change and Transformation Strategies. Sometimes change isn’t particularly transformative. We might just want more of something, or we might want less of something. We might want to just change things in a small or incremental way. An increase in income, a reduction in body weight.

Of course all transformation involves change of one kind or another. And the word “transformation” indicates change that moves to somewhere entirely new or different. The classic example is the caterpillar into a butterfly. Another example is the transformation that takes place in Ebeneezer Scrooge in Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

To change or transform consciously is something that involves thinking, learning, experimentation, reflection. It involves choices. Thinking ahead. Looking back. Analysing. Compromising. Imagining. It is a strategic activity if we want to do it consciously.

CATS3000 is all about helping individuals and organisations to transform and change using strategies that are sustainable (they don’t run out of steam or use unnecessary resources).

CATS3000 is a place for personal and organisational change and transformation. (2006)