Rational Madness
The Theatre Arm of CATS3000


Rational Madness presents

Cheese a darkly humorous look
at the world of working life and death

Now touring throughout 2006
Brighton, Crawley, Hastings, Edinburgh, Copenhagen
Playing The Sussex Arts Club, Ship Street, Brighton, UK
As part of The Critical Incident 3 day Festival in Brighton’s Festival Fringe. Book online HERE

Re-Inventing the Cheese, after its Brighton Festival success, played out to full houses in June 2004 at the Marlborough Theatre Brighton. After repeat shows in Brighton, the Show played the Hawth Crawley in January 2005. A brand new show called Empowering the Cheese premieres at the 2006 Brighton Festival.

“Congratulations again on Reinventing the Cheese: it was all entertaining and thought-provoking, ... so beautifully subtle, and so rich in messages that it shone out. Great stuff!”
Lindsay Wittenberg, Executive Equity

“One moment hilarious, the next shockingly serious, this show is a challenging collage of scenes from the world of work..”

“an exhilarating, crazy road trip without the car...but plenty of cheese!”

“This highly original show deals with a subject not often explored in the theatre - the tragedy and comedy of work.”

If you would like to be kept informed of the work of Rational Madness and how the show is developing, mail your contact details to CATS3000. Your details will not be passed on to anyone else.

An ideal after work evening out. Combine both entertainment and learning with this unique show. An accompanying after-show discussion and/or workshop is available. Contact CATS3000 for more

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Rational Madness brings innovative theatre to audiences, not just in traditional theatres but also into other spaces such as business and organisations.

Leading edge theatre combined with powerful learning make this an ideal night out for work colleagues and friends. Be challenged, be entertained!


For or Against Consultancy?

In the word "con-sultancy", the word "con" is rather unfortunate. It means "against" and this is not the impression we wish to create at all. There is also the rather unfortunate overlap with the word "con", meaning to swindle, to cheat someone.

Now, I have never met a consultant who wants to be seen to be against anything, nor to be seen as a cheat or a swindler. Such negative connotations are contrary to good revenue generation. Therefore, in the spirit of true consultancy controversy we have decided to re-invent ourselves.

Consultants are really people who are for things. Not against things. They are for the client. They are for business growth. They are for success. They are not against these things.

So we would like to introduce you to a new name for us. A new identity. A new brand for the market we want to thrive in. We are the new "forsultants", and we practice forsultancy.

Forsultancy is a much more positive term and will help the clients to see us as on their side; they will be more keen to engage with us and make use of our services, they will be more confident in us. Whoops, there's that "con" word again. They will have more forfidence in us as forsultants.

Now doesn't that sound like a winning idea?

Forsultancy ™ is a new trademark and to call yourself one, contact our Marketing Office on +44 666 66666 and ask for Constatine Greed-Smith who will be happy to tell you about our new Practionner and Master Practionner programmes in Excellent Forsultancy Practice.

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