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The Castle of Contempt

The Castle of Contempt is the home of a people who live by a theory. This theory is their law. The Law of Contempt. This is the law:

“As the level of demand or pressure rises, the level of contempt rises to meet the simultaneous fall in service to one's fellow man.”

According to the Contempt “Really Rough but Tough Tourist Guide”:

“Try to enjoy your stay here, but we have so many visitors, we cannot guarantee you will enjoy it at all.

It will be your own fault if you don't. What do you expect from such a busy city as ours?”

You make your way towards the castle. You come upon a queue of people who are queuing at a booth which says “Tourist Information”.

You wait your turn.

Eventually you ask a woman who wears a badge saying “Felicity”: “What is the shortest way up to the Castle of Contempt, please?”

She scowls at you and replies: “Do I look like a map? Well, DO I?”


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The Creed of Castle of Contempt Dwellers

We live by a doctrine called the Theory of Contempt. It is a very realistic theory, a practical one, rooted in daily life.

There are too many people in the world. It is not possible to give every person an individual service at a reasonable price so its better not to try.

People are naive to expect personal treatment and such expectations should be quickly squashed.

Besides, when people gather together in large numbers they tend to behave like herds (have you even been to a football match, queued for the Harrods sale, or tried to get on a crowded train?) so its better to treat them as a herd.