Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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Rational Madness

CATS3000 Links

Links to cool Cats!

Theatre for a Change - the Brighton Theatre for Organisations Whats-on Guide and link page, in partnership with

The Rational Madness Community

My own creativity community. Join up! You’ll need to sign up. It costs nothing though! A great resource for art and creativity, change and innovation - with a chat room as well!

An excellent resource and a new perspective on change. Many excellent articles and ideas.


The marvellous home page of CATS3000 Partner, Finn Kollerup, creativity genius and activist.

Stepping Stones

A consultancy that works from the heart. I have personal experience of these people and highly recommend their wise and grounded approach to change

Ideas in Motion

The web site of my friend and colleague, personal change
impresario, Robin Manuell

Future Cat

Linda Hodgson’s place of Creative Futuring, the Healing Authentic Voice

Martin Leith

An amazing fellow with a non-colluding world-view, all about collaboration!

Positive Comedy - with some downloadable resources, the home of Comedian, writer and workshop leader, Gerry Thompson

The Blue Consult - colleagues and facilitators of Intelligent Improvement

"Don't put your love in a jam jar. Put it in a cauldron"

Ian Postre

“They will try to destroy you. To crush your spirit and make you give up. Bring it, if it is true, beautiful and good, even as they cut your legs from under you.”

Ian Postre