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Managing in the New Millennium - short article originally published in Busines$ magazine, Slovenia, 1998
Ten Ways to Increase Retail Sales: An Innovator’s Approach - short article originally published in Busines$ magazine, Slovenia, 1997
Creative Communication - a short article published in Busines$ Magazine Slovenia, in 1997

“Sometimes we play our roles too well. We sink into the costume and confuse it for flesh. We feel the make-up too keenly and believe it to be skin. We step clownishly upon the stage of Earth and scowl, frustrated at this clumsy Mummers Play we called Life - wishing, on the one hand, for a better part, or a clearer, more inspiring script and, on the other hand, for the agility and skill to improvise the unfolding story. Yet we are here for our part is vital to the performance we call The Universal Love.”

Paul Levy

“We live in a state of tired doubt. And so we grasp for that which is most apparent to us and confuse it as the only reality: the material. And we use it to dispel the doubt. We never quite succeed.”

Paul Levy

Money is not the goal of a business. It is the pleasant side effect of an applied passion for creativity and innovation.”

Paul Levy