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Issue One theme:
Past, Present, Future
Featured author: Suzanne Smith


There is a place that I call home
For which I am yet to find
Perhaps it's the place I had to leave
But it's permanently in my mind

So many fond memories
Strange that bricks and mortar can bring
Such an aching to my heart
That it so eagerly wants to go back and sing

That in that little mountain of mine
The place I swore I'd never leave
Holds the key to my heart
For which at the moment, all I seem to do is grieve.

Impatient to go back
But knowing I must wait
Another year or two
Then once again I can open that golden-gate

Then once again I will be at peace
For which I have missed all these years
And there I'll dwell forever more
No longer shedding all these tears.


Open the window.
Fly away
To distant climbs
Where your happiness lay
Where no one can chase
And solitary you can stand, alone
In this new found place
And for once call it your own home.
Warmth and comfort is all you can feel
As for once you are at rest


Feed your passions and your dreams
Let it ride in torrents and feed you whole
Drift along with it deep into the waterfall
Feel the droplets cover your skin
Caressing you in the soft mist of truth
Find deep within yourself that misspent youth
Realise that deep within the chasms of your mind
There is that shower of memories and thoughts
Dreams yet to be found, and happiness of all sorts.


One can look forever
To hold something that they want
But in truth they know
It can never be
Only in distant dreams
Or that place where they can share
Their heart with the other
That they so wantonly seek.
It may perhaps drive them insane
To be so close
Yet unable to touch
They look, they shout
But they will never be heard
For they want something
That they can never have.

Suzanne Smith has been writing poetry on many themes for the last few years. She lives in the UK, and is currently expecting a little poet of the future! She was recently published in “The Write Words” published by Clearsky.

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