Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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We welcome all genres of writing. Please send your work as a Microsoft Word Attachment to CATS3000.

Copyright remains with you, the author. If you wish us to include contact details with your work, please let us know.

We do not pay for work. Once submitted, the work will remain on the site unless you request it to be removed.

Work of longer than 300 words will be published as a downloadable file with an extract from the introduction included on the magazine page itself.

We do not provide feedback on writing and the editorís decision is final.

Any money you earn that arises from publishing your work on this site is entirely yours. If we receive any payment for your work (which we will not solicit) it will be passed on to you, though any reasonable costs we incur in doing so will be charged. (money transfer and postage etc.)

We do not seek to profit from this magazine, though we hope that writers will attract publishing interest by publishing here and we wish you all well!

The Editor

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