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An Online Magazine of Futuring and the Fictional Fantastic

Welcome to Fire and Brimstone, an online journal hosted by CATS3000 which celebrates the visionary and fantastic, and the potential of fantasy to fire our creative minds in the present.

We welcome all creative writing that informs our present state or allows us to escape into the realms of the future.

Past, present and future exist here in a creative mix at stimulating our thinking, feeling and action.

The magazine welcomes contributions that explore the human condition, or relationship with technology, and our hopes, fears and dreams as creative beings.

All genres of writing are welcome. Please see our submission guidelines for further details. Where writings are reasonably short, they are published as web pages. Where writings are longer, we make them available to you in downloadable format. Enjoy!

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Submission guidelines

“Calling something by its real name is a key to unlocking parts of the creative process. If you feel hypocritical about something you are writing about, be sure to name that hypocrisy to yourself. If you hope your writing will change the world for the better through some kind of written critique of that world, be sure to identify the (possibly small at first) steps in your own behaviour. This might be a good principle: for each step you think others should take, take a step yourself in the same direction.”