Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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Rational Madness

A sketch show performed at your organisation’s

Gather around (groups of up to forty people) and explore the world of management and organisational life through an innovative comedy theatre performance. The trials of teamwork and confusion of communication in an organisation that might just bear some resemblance to your own.

Powerful learning and intriguing comedy are combined in this watchable and challenging piece from the producer of the acclaimed “Win,Win, Win! (“A Fine Satire” The Stage) and the recent Brighton Festival Sell-out “Re-Engineering the Cheese”.

Each sketch explores a topical issue in the workplace stimulating debate and discussion after the show, and even potentially leading to change and improvement at work.

A perfect after work or lunchtime event, the show also will be an exciting and innovative addition to a training course, conference or team event.

We’ll even use real photocopying you need doing in your organisation during the show!

The show costs
£350 per performance with an optional workshop included on the themes raised by the performance, facilitated by Paul Levy, director of CATS3000.
(Travel expenses and VAT are not included).

For the same fee the performance can be repeated twice on the same day to accommodate larger numbers.

For further details or to book the show for your organisation contact CATS3000

Rational Madness presents

Premieres at The Critical Incident 2006
25 May 2006

Photocopier 1

(scene. A small photocopier room. Sounds of copying. Copier is actually offstage)

Stuart: People always seem to meet at photocopiers

Sam: Oh yes, powerful, dangerous places. Like ley lines.

Stuart: What do you mean?

Sam: Well, Bill and Sarah first met here. Married within two months…

Stuart: That’s great!

Sam:… divorced within six.

Stuart: Oh.

Sam: Terry Shore found out he was going to be made redundant here, by reading his redundancy letter that Cliff Parker had accidentally left on the copying plate.

Stuart: That’s rough…

Sam: Not as rough as his suicide a week later.

Stuart: Jesus.

Sam: Four people have died of cancer that I have met here over the last year.. There was Alice Gordon who got…

Stuart: Alright, alright. I get the idea.

Sam: And then of course there’s Suzanne Barnham’s stroke, last Wednesday…

Stuart: Not here as well?

Sam: Yep, actually she fell exactly where you are standing. She was queuing to copy a tea rota.

Stuart: How is she?

Sam: Funeral is on Thursday.

Stuart: Oh, my god!

Sam: Ah, copier’s available – you got much to do?

(looks at his wadge of paper and then at the photocopier)

Stuart: Er.. nothing that can’t wait.

(He turns to leave. Lights)

Augustine Flint-Hartle joined the cast in January 2005. Credits include The Vagina Monologues at the Market Arts Centre in Brighton and a recent part in the film “Wimbledon” and “Dream, Think, Speak”. She is also director of Pebbles Productions and is working with CATS3000 on its organisational theatre work. She recently starred in Pebbles Productions’ acclaimed premiere of The Swastika Party

Alastair Kerr trained at the Guildford School of Acting and during the last eight years has concentrated on writing and performing live comedy. In the double act, Dyball and Kerr he enjoyed a sell-out Edinburgh run and national tour of the duo's character comedy show, Crouching Ferret Hidden Beaver.

Paul Levy is a writer, director and occasional actor. Recent work includes “Bunk!” premiered at the Pavilion Theatre, Brighton and “Win! Win! Win!” which has now clocked up over 50 performances in the UK and a lesser-known part of Denmark. He leads workshops all over the world. He is currently working on a new theatre piece called The Hundredth Monkey, which is all about coincidence and synergy.

Mark Katz is a a well known from Brighton’s Treason Show and is also an actor with Actors of Dionysus. He is now a seasoned member of the Rational Madness crew recently performing in Denmark and at Brighton’s Corn Exchange in Re-Inventing the Cheese.

Cast and Crew