Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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According to Veritax Blandax the Prime Minister of Mediocritaxa:

"Mediocrity has provided our people with a firm foundation of guaranteed security and dependable safety in every moment. Imagine a world where there is no stress of challenge, no worry about risk, where no one will confront or criticise you except occasionally and always in a pleasant or nice way. True things can always be better. But at what cost to our peace of mind?"

Mediocritaxan politics is all about compromised. All parties have signed up to a code of ethics called The Middle Way, and each battles for the centre ground.

Of course, the battle is a wholly peaceful one based mostly on praise and the concept of “fudging” where differences are smoothed over in parliament. Debate is based on the idea that “we all agree really” and any differences are seen as “an opportunity to get to know each other better.”

Mediocritaxan politics is all about coalition government and the “effective management of averages”.

During elections, the three main parties: the Grey Party, the Slighty-off-grey party and the Middleground party, usually agree to compromise and divide the seats in government exactly three ways.

As Veritax Blandax proudly states: This makes for weak government which, of course, we are all seeking.