Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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Mediocrituddism - The Wisdom of

Here is just a small selection of wisdom from the City of Mediocrity. These are to be found on little noticeboards all over the city. Mediocritaxans enjoy sending these little nuggets of collusion on birthdays and anniversaries:

"Do not risk upsetting anyone even if you think it might help them to realise something about themselves or the world. The price is always too high. Always."

"What is wrong with the way things are anyway?"

"If God had meant us to be radical, he would never have created safe boundaries within which to feel safe."

"All challenge does is put people on the defensive. And we weren't born for war."

“A flat rollercoaster will never make you ill.”

“Don’t get angry, get the tea on.”

“Always stay on safe ground.”

“Too much honesty is like too much marmite.”

“I think compromise, therefore I am.”

The Mediocritaxan Theory of Relativity:
Never offend your relatives.

If someone tells you the world is flat, buy them a chess set for their birthday, not a set of skis.


The Collusion of

by Underground Writer Radicalus Jones

The collusion of mediocrity,
A tease. A dance of non-
Challenge, seeking safe
Harbours at Honesty's expense.
In relief at escape
From another day's
Truth, in soothing
Saying of mock-praise,
A reward for Criticism avoided.
The collusion of mediocrity
Will please. Reward for
A neatness of nicety
To deflect the naming
Of knowing and telling it
Like it is.
A piercing look and the
True-said attack in the
Spirit of Progression.
Yet from you, no earthy
Confession. Just air.