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Rational Madness was founded in 1999 as part of the arts-based creativity organisation, CATS3000. A theatre company which brings performance into the heart of change and transformation Rational Madness seeks to create new audiences for its work, extending its creation and performance into communities and organisations not always to be found in traditional theatre settings.

Rational Madness also seeks to create learning and development opportunities for individuals, groups, organisations, and communities to explore aspects of creativity, dialogue and performance in their own practices. We offer performance, workshops, learning events, and materials.

Our values are based upon professionalism, community and the challenge of mediocrity.

Rational Madness - Artistic Vision

The power of gentle insistence - our artistic panorama

Theatre can be
a strong experience when the storytelling is gentle, insistent, challenging; it is the calm way of the peaceful battler.

Even in the sometime turmoil on the stage we find our
still point.

It can whisper yet echo as a roar in the caverns of the soul. We blend styles and love to brew up
a mix of natural and dramatic borne on the wings of a respectful urge to make the world a more lively, authentic and loving place.

We work with
repeated themes which are not annoyingly repetitive, yet are more akin to natural rhythms; the returning call of an insistent voice, of a wind that says: hear me! Listen to my tale.

Theatre of change; not prescriptive; illustrative, observational, depth digging, assumption surfacing stage craft.

The natural becomes the surreal, the surreal reveals itself as mundane, a secret that can make us laugh at the ridiculousness of the human condition when we think we can push a train into movement from within our particular carriage.

movement of hidden, inner, cognitive gesture creates a physicality of stillness that moves with its emotional impact in the theatre of the invisible, listened to in the theatre of the unheard, felt in the theatre of stillness. In the pauses, the silences, as much is spoken to the soul there as in what comes from the mouth.

love of contradiction; a distaste for the binary dogma of either-or.

The comedy of either-or transformed into the
non-compromising creation of the unique middle way; the path of healing through drama, the resolving of the story, or the un-resolution of awesome emergent mysteries: questions, questions, questions!

We show a way to the free choice; but the choice is always yours. You are the hero, the villain, the fool.

The drama reaches upwards for
archetypes to find the universal in the specific.

Our stories become
signposts to who and what we are, what we may become, and what we may have become.

We reach into the underworld and
redeem the lost and the unforgiven; the base and the ill-motived, and transform the situation in shadow into the light-filled space.

Streetwise-spirituality, emergent theatre, devoid of religion, doffing a friendly cap to both flexible faith and open-minded science. The world of the rational, the logical, the cause and effect; the world of the irrational, the chaotic and the crazy. Rational



Gentle Insistence

Strong Experience

Still Point

A Mix of Natural and Dramatic

Repeated Themes

The Returning Call of an Insistent Voice

Listen to My Tale



Depth Digging

Assumption Surfacing Stage Craft

The Movement of Hidden, Inner, Cognitive Gesture

Emotional Impact

Theatre of the Invisible

Theatre of the Unheard

Theatre of Stillness

In the Pauses, the Silences

Love of Contradiction

A Distaste for the Binary Dogma of Either-or

Non-Compromising Creation of the Unique Middle Way

The Path of Healing Through Drama

Questions, questions, questions!


Universal in the Specific

Signposts to Who and What We Are, what we may become, and what we may have become

Redeem the Lost and the Unforgiven

Transform the Situation in Shadow into the Light-filled Space

Streetwise Spirituality