Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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Places of Mild Interest

At the very centre of the city of Mediocritaxa is the famous Fountain of Safety. This fountain has never cascaded to its full, majestic height.

No one knows quite why for no one wishes to upset the designers and engineers by asking. Also, what if the quantity and pressure of spurting water were to erode away the stone, or even run out for good? It isn't worth the risk.

So, instead, the water is set at a lower pressure and dribbles gracefully instead at a rate and quantity that guarantees a flow which has remained undiminished and constant for centuries.

At the centre of this sculptural masterpiece is is a statue of an angel which attempts to blow a trumpet of spurting water heavenwards, but instead achieves a trickle of drooping droplets, which dribble intriguingly down the angel's marbled left leg.

Outside the southern wall of the city of Mediocritaxa, are the Marshes of Malcontent. (To be avoided).

Mediocritaxans do not venture onto these treacherous marshes for dear life. For here can be heard in the deepest of night, the infamous Murmurings of Dissatisfaction and the Whispering Complaints, which if listened to for too long, are enough to drive a Mediocritaxan mind mad.

It is deemed heretical to pay any attention to these