Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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Rational Madness

This is an interesting tool to stimulate creativity to solve a problem. Open a book at any page. Put your finger at random on a word. Then use each letter in the word to trigger solutions.

For example: Problem is writers block

Word is: Mouse

M make time early in the morning or last thing at night to write 50 words at least
O outside - take a walk somewhere nice and inspiring - the beach - and write there
U underline your favourite phrases in an older piece of your writing. See what you can use again!
S see what other writers are writing on the same topic - see what you can learn
E eat a snack - a comfort food while writing!

Give it a try!


CATS Creativity
Hermetic Proble
m Solver

"I do not like the word 'creativity' because it is too vague, too value laden and too associated with artistic talent."

Edward de Bono

“When one person arrives late for another person, without so much as a care, the whole universe cries out in pain.“

Ian Postre