Those who cannot hear the music think that the dancer is mad

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CATS3000 Director
Paul Levy

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Paul Levy is a writer on management, a change facilitator and director of CATS3000, based in the UK. He facilitates workshops all over the world and has long experience in developing managers using a creative and hands-on approach.

He is the author of several books including "E:Quality" and "Technosophy". He is also a theatre director and has a particular interest in exploring the relationship between art and innovation. Currently working with Arts and Business, he is involved in research, which is attempting to measure the link between art, creativity and innovation.

His own theatre company, takes performance into the organisational world. His recent one-man show “Win, Win Win!” premiered for a month at the Edinburgh Festival, described the Scotsman as “a sustained stand-up that turned its audience to a giggling jelly”. The Stage called it “a fine satire”. The show is touring business and theatres during 2002. Previous Work includes “The Victim” (“A Play written on the skin of the people” Republika) and Bunk (selected for development by Theatre and Beyond, premiered 2000 at the Pavilion Theatre, Brighton)

Will you walk away again
Bag too heavy swinging down
Along the promenade away
Towards the place where the sun sometimes sets?
Will you walk away aimful aimless
Towards a place called Away from You ?
The ice cream man is closing now
The candy floss is packed inside
The whirly windmills stilled under lock and key
And you walk
You walk

Paul Levy

Business cleverness, seen from a greater height, is usually
patently stupid.

Ian Postre

Alice in Wonderland herself cannot hold a candle to the even Madder Hatter's Tea Party that usually masquerades as a Board Meeting.

Paul Levy