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How to Recession-Proof Your Business - workshop

About the facilitator

Some questions to think about

What will be the climate for business in your sector during a recession?

What will your customers cut back on/ spend more on?

How will you need to refocus your marketing and product /service concept during tougher economic times?

What new opportunities arise during a recession?

What new tensions arise during a recession?

What are you currently doing to plan for a downturn in the economy or is discussing it a bit of a taboo?

Delegate profile from our last workshop

We have participants coming from the following sectors:
Training, consultancy, legal, accountancy, manufacturing, advertising and branding, the arts, disability audits, research

Workshop activities will include:

- micro action-learning

- exploring the death signs of a business

- creative discussion on strategies for managing in a downturn

- profiling and mapping a recession scenario


I decided to design this workshop for my own business which will need to find ways of meeting needs in a future scenario where the economy has taken a downturn, even a plunge. In doom times, most firms identify training and development as the first place to make cuts. Short courses, training programmes, development activities which are supported by workshops and training input, coaching and mentoring, are suspended, postponed, even cancelled. Your firm may be left high and dry by some of your most critical clients.

Not wishing to think about this possible scenario, it may simply not be in your field of vision. True, some of the more leading edge firms actually see recession times as a time to reflect, to innovate, and they actually invest more in training and some focused consultancy activity.

In recession times, new opportunities arise for businesses, factories, consultancies and learning providers who have thought ahead and planned for this contingency. Aligning your organisation to the new pain that emerges in recession, being able to serve the needs of firms to survive, to become leaner and also to plan and transform their way out of doom and gloom, is a critical way to keep your own organisation alive, even thriving in recession times. If the recession doesn’t come about, you may well have developed some new services in the process anyway.

This workshop will look at this difficult topic, one which can almost be taboo in boom times: what can we do NOW in order to recession-proof our business?
Some challenging ideas will be shared along with practical activities that capture what CATS3000 and other proactive organisations are doing now to think about and prepare for possibly leaner times ahead.

The session lasts for a day, though a supporting web site and online discussion will ensure the conversation can continue into the future.
Join us for a one-off, provocative day about getting ready for the whatever.

Key words and phrases: confronting your recession collusion; thinking and innovating into the shadow-future; proactive innovation; constructive destruction; authentic adventuring

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